Google is building out its travel product with more features to convince people to use it for booking flights and plan trips directly from google search, instead to go anywhere else.

Google is adding more reveal pricing features, including price comparison for specific booking and notifications about when a price is likely to lowest.

Google also going to offer a pricing guarantee for bookings.

Attractive deal and the offer is given to us because this is new and Google wants to make sure people feel absolutely comfortable and trusting.

The company likely cross-airline information about flight availability, route and price in the world, however, backed by some of the most advanced machine learning on the earth.

Google Travel is going to add a number of features once you book you trip .

Google suggest steps for planning your trip and then help you find the best environment, hotels, restaurants and stuff to do.

Reservations and other trip details will automatically carry over to the Google Maps app on your iOS or Android.

Google is making an strategy to own your overall travel and trip planning and advantage of having more data, better engineering and way of design skills when compared to travel booking company.